AIRMIGHTY Niels and Big famous Kobus at YOKOHAMA 4 Photo shoot !!

street,vw,jamboree,5th,odaiba,tokyo,Nieles,Moon cafe,yokohama,toa,airmighty,kobus,At MOON CAFE in YOKOHAMA CITY...with Nice guys and TOA Shin Mukai !!  Kobus,Photo,taken,shoot,Sankei-en,honmoku,pool,                                                             So funny guy KOBUS !!                                                Niels,active,shot,Air Mighty,Magazine,                                                                                     Active Shot Niels!!Garage,NIVS,New image vw saloonz,Aya                                                                                                                                   

  Big Thanks AYA !!Moon Garage,NIVS,  THX Guys !! And We are looking forward to next issues from AIRMIGHTY magazine !!

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Thanks you guys for all your time!!
Till soon! Niels

Posted by: Niels - AirMighty | 12/10/2011

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bellissime foto e complimenti per il reportage sei un grande Niels!!Bravo
La tua rivista e' fantastica.

Posted by: max | 12/10/2011

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